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Dad reads personalized book to childrenWe all know the importance of developing good reading habits in our children, but did you know that personalized children's books foster a love of reading?

Personalized children's books build self-esteem and a positive self-image through fostering a child's natural curiosity and need to feel good about himself. Our books are not just about the cool characters in the stories, but the surprise and excitement in reading a book about the child and the world around him.

I once gave a personalized children's book to a newly adopted child. The child asked that I read the book out loud. As I sat and read the book, his newly adopted brother was playing on the floor, "varooming" his car around the room. The moment he heard his name, he jumped up with excitement and asked, "How the heck did my name get in there?"

Besides the value of being a great learning tool, our personalized children's books become family keepsakes that are passed down from generation to generation.

One little girl had moved three states in one year. She had made many friends along the way that she didn't want to forget. So when asked what names she wanted to place in one of her "special" books, she picked one best friend from each state. Now when she looks back on that book, those names will trigger fond memories of very special times in her life.

Our personalized children's books are created with love because we know that you are giving them with love.  We do not use stickers or hand write in any of the information you give.  The personalized children's book you receive, will look like it came off the shelves of any bookstore in town!

All of our books have washable, hard covers and brightly illustrated pages.  The regular size books (9"x6") each have 24 pages. 

Want to give something special to show you care? Order a personalized book for any occasion...

Personalized Baby Book

  • Birthday
  • Congratulations -- on a job well-done
  • First year of school
  • Get well
  • Going away gift
  • Good luck
  • Graduation -- from preschool, kindergarten, elementary school
  • Holidays     
  • St Nick's Day                              
  • New baby    
  • Adoption
  • Welcome gift
  • or simply 'just because.'