About Us

A Personal Touch went online in October 2002.  Prior to being online, most sales were achieved through craft fairs, holiday shows, and gift-giving events.

I decided to sell personalized gifts and books, create this website, and open an online store...

When my children were young, I ordered a wonderful little book for each of them. Each book was very special because it was tailor-made for each child. The book was created specifically for my child.  It had my child's name, hometown, names of their friends, and more... each of my children loved reading their "unique, one-of-a-kind" book... and so did I!

When I had the opportunity to create these books for other children, I knew I had to do it!

The best gift a child could receive is a book, as books open their world to new wonders while widening their imagination! But not just any book; a book where the child is the STAR OF THE STORY and their friends play supporting roles!

What could bring more delight to children and their parents?

Each book is made with "A Personal Touch."  They have washable, hard covers and colorful, professionally illustrated pictures. They are printed using a laser printer for high quality pages!

The special child in your life is guaranteed to LOVE their new book!


When I sell these books at craft shows, I am always thrilled to see the enthusiasm each child has, as he locates his name in the book.

I even let the children who are old enough help key in their name and watch with delight as they see the pages print out just for them!

It brings great joy to make these books special for each child!

Thanks for visiting and shopping with... 'A PERSONAL TOUCH'


Thanks for shopping "A Personal Touch"...
Making special gifts and holiday treasures all year long!