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Use your favorite gadgets to become a spy and rescue the SPY kids™ from evil Sky Pirates!

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This is a quality hard-cover personalized book with washable surface and full-colored illustrated pages. (Book Size: 9"x6", 24 pages)    

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 Cody Michael Evans

in a SPY Kids Adventure

With love from

Grandma Carly & Grandpa Rob

~ 2019 ~

One morning a strange flying machine fell out of the sky in Medford, OregonCody Michael Evans, age 7, approached it and was surprised to see a door open up in its side.

"Wow! I wish Greg and Jason could see this," said Cody.

Inside, Cody could see secret agents Carmen and Juni Cortez on a view screen.

"We've been captured by the Sky Pirates!" said Carmen.

"This SPY copter is programmed to find help!" Juni explained. Cody realized it was up to him to save the Cortez SPY kids.

Cody pressed a big green button and the SPY copter took off. While flying at top speed over the rooftops of Medford, Oregonhe figured out which special spy gadgets would help him rescue Carmen and Juni.

Soon, Cody was flying over a big body of water and spotted something strange floating in the clouds ahead. It was the sky Pirates' ship!

Cody saw the pirates forcing Carmen and Juni to walk the plank!

"You brats should have known better than to spy on Captain Sky and his crew!" said the pirates' leader.

"We know all about your crooked plans. You're finished!" Carmen replied.

"It's you two who are finished!" growled Captain Sky.

The pirates shoved Carmen and Juni right off the plank. Cody only had seconds to save them! He quickly pressed a control button, which activated a hidden device underneath the SPY copter.

It was a trampoline! Carmen and Juni bounced off of it and into the back of the SPY copter.

"Thanks a lot! You saved our lives," said Juni as he and Carmen landed safely in the SPY copter.

Cody put the ship on auto pilot and handed them a bag filled with water balloons. "That was nothing. Wait until you see what we're going to do to those pirates!" he replied.

"Aim for the rotor blades!" said Cody.

"But how can water balloons stop a pirate ship?" Juni asked. "I get it! They're filled with our secret Ice-10 water!" replied Carmen, scoring a direct hit. "It can freeze anything!"

Soon the pirate ship's rotors were covered with the frigid Ice-10 water.

With its rotor blades frozen solid, there was nothing to keep the pirate ship up in the air.

"All hands abandon ship!" shouted Captain Sky.

"Looks like the captain doesn't want to go down with his ship," said Carmen. "Nice going, Cody. We couldn't have defeated them without you."

"Help! We can't swim!" the pirates cried.

"Drat! They discovered our only weakness," grumbled the captain.

Juni scratched his head. "What kind of pirates can't swim?" he wondered.

"Sky pirates, I guess," Carmen said. "Stand by, Cody. I've radioed headquarters. They're sending a boat to round up these soggy sailors."

Once the pirates were on their way to jail, Carmen and Juni brought Cody home.

"You sure make a terrific spy, Cody," said Juni. "We'll be sure to call you next time we need help."

As the SPY copter flew away, Cody ran to tell Greg and Jason about his amazing adventure!

Cody Michael Evans

Enjoy this Book! 

A Special Gift from.

Grandma Carly & Grandpa Rob