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Don’t ask us how your little boy or girl gets back to the stone age, but know they sure will have a wonderful time in Bedrock. Learning how to clean and shop with Wilma is great fun, but helping Fred win a years supply of Bronto meat for her is how they all have a YABBA-DABBA-DOO time!

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This is a quality hard-cover personalized book with washable surface and full-colored illustrated pages. (GIANT SIZE: 12"x9", 18 pages)    

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Douglas Michael Peterson

 joins the Flintstones in a Yabba-Dabba-Doo adventure


Happy 60th Doug! from 

'the gang' 

Remember the Days!

 Fred Flintstone was so excited! He and his pal, Barney Rubble, were going to enter the Bedrock Olympics. The winner would take home a gold medal and a year's supply of Bronto meat. But Fred wanted to surprise Wilma and Pebbles with his prize if he won, and he didn't know how to tell his boss he needed the day off.

 "Explain to your boss how important these Olympics are to you. I'm sure he'll understand," said Douglas Michael Peterson, age 60, of Medford, Wisconsin. Tyler, Parker and Jameson always said that honesty is the best policy. In the meantime, I can stay here and help Wilma," Doug continued. "I've always wondered what a day is like here in the Stone Age."

 Fred perked up again! "Okay, Doug," said Fred as he headed off to work.

Dino chased after the Flintmobile with Fred's lunch pail. "Don't forget your lunch, Fred," Wilma shouted after him. "Honestly, he'd forget his head if it wasn't attached to him."

When Fred got to work, he started looking for his boss from on top of his Dinodozer. Suddenly Fred heard the quitting time squawker. Awaaak! Awaaak!

"The quarry's shut down today, Flintstone," called out the quarry foreman. "Mr. Slate wanted to go to the Bedrock Olympics."

"Yabba-Dabba-Doo!" shouted Fred. "Bedrock Olympics, here I come!"

"I can't wait to see how some of the Stone Age stuff works, Wilma, "Doug said as he and Wilma went back into the house.

"How about if I show you how we clean in the Stone Age?" asked Wilma.

"Sure!" said Doug, uncertain that house cleaning could be fun.

"Look, Doug, here's my vacuum cleaner," Wilma said, as she walked a baby mammoth across the floor. Doug was amazed at how much dirt it sucked up with its trunk. "And you'll love the way we hang out our clothes to dry," Wilma continued. Doug giggled when he saw Wilma using bird beaks as clothes pins.

"Boy! House cleaning really can be fun in the Stone Age," laughed Doug.

"Yes, I suppose it can," said Wilma. "Well, I better go do the grocery shopping now or there won't be any dinner tonight."

Uh oh, thought Doug, if Wilma accidentally bumps into Fred at the Bedrock Olympics, it'll ruin the surprise. "Let me do the shopping for you, Wilma" Doug said quickly. "You can stay here and relax."

"Why, Doug," said Wilma, "that's very kind of you."

Doug rushed out to do the shopping and to see how Fred was coming along.

Fred's lucky day was turning sour. He had only finished third in the boulder toss. "What am I going to do, Barney?" cried Fred. "The next events are bowling, golf, and baseball. I have to win them all if I want that Bronto meat and the gold medal."

"I don't have any ideas, Fred", sighed Barney. "But I bet Doug would know what to do."

"I'm right here," called Doug, running into the bowling alley. "It's all right, Fred. Just try your very best. I know you can do it."

With Doug urging him on, Fred bowled the best game of his life. "You're right, Doug," Fred beamed. "Maybe I can still win the Bedrock Olympics!"

Fred moved on to golf. He concentrated just as Doug had told him. At the end of the game, he was tied with one other player for first place in the whole Olympics!

But the last event was baseball and Fred always had problems with baseball.

"You still have time to practice before the final round, Fred," said Doug. "Remember to keep your eye on the ball and just do your best. I better take the groceries back before Wilma comes looking for me. I'll be back to see you win!"

Doug ran back to Fred and Wilma's house and found Wilma relaxing. "Oh, Doug" said Wilma. "You're just in time to see our dishwasher in action." Doug watched a monkey teamed with a turtle and baby mammoth get the dishes sparkling clean.

Just then Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm wanted Doug to join their tea party. "OK," said Doug, "but only for a little while. I've got to help your mom, Pebbles."

Pebbles looked disappointed. She wanted to help, too. "I know a great way you can do something for your mom," said Doug. "Why don't you and Bamm-Bamm plan a picnic? I'll help you, if you'd like. It can be a surprise!"

Pebbles beamed. It seemed like a grownup thing to do. It was fun, too. Doug made them all laugh a lot.

But it was getting late! "I'd better get going," said Doug, fearing that Fred might need more help.

Doug found Fred and Barney on the baseball field, trying one last time to hit a home run. It was Fred's last chance!

 "Come on, Fred!" shouted Doug "You can do it! You can hit it all the way out to the Quarry!"

Fred heard Doug cheering as the ball whizzed towards him. Fred was nervous, but he remembered the advice Doug gave him. So he took careful aim, swung the bat with all his might, and hit the rock clear out of the park!

The judges tallied up everyone's points and declared Fred the winner. He had won the Bedrock Olympics!

"Hooray!" shouted Doug. "I wish Tyler, Parker and Jameson could have been here to see you win".

As they headed back to Fred's house, Doug patted Fred on the back. "Way to go, Fred!" Doug said. "I knew you could do it".

"Thanks to you, Doug," Fred replied. "If you hadn't been there cheering me on, I don't think I could have won. And because of your help, it's still going to be a surprise for Wilma!"

"Wilma will be so proud of you Fred," said Doug.

"Yeah," said Fred, shaking his head. "Wilma's never going to believe this. And I can almost taste that juicy Bronto meat!"

Just then Dino came charging out of the house and bounded down the walk, knocking Fred over with kisses. Slurp! Slurp!

"Whoa!" cried Fred. "Hold on there, Dino. Down boy! I know you smell something good, but it's for Wilma."

"Hurry, Fred," called Doug.

"Yabba-Dabba-Doo!" called Fred. "Wilma, I'm home. And guess what I've got for you?"

"Oh dear, Fred, "moaned Wilma. "I can't imagine. But try no to track in dirt on the clean floor."

"But, Wilma," wailed Fred. "look what I won!"

Wilma looked up as she carried dinner to Pebbles. "Oh my goodness, Fred!" she cried.

"Where on earth did that come from?"

"He won the gold medal and a year's supply of Bronto meat at the Bedrock Olympics!" said Doug.

"He did!" said Wilma in disbelief. "All by himself?"

"With a little help from my friends," said Fred, winking at Doug. "Isn't it great, Wilma?"

"Well, yes it is," said Wilma. "But I've already made dinner. How will we ever eat all of that leg?"

"Well, actually," said Doug, "Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm have already planned a lovely picnic. We can invite the Rubbles, too."

By the time everyone arrived at the picnic spot, Dino was panting to get at the Bronto meat. It looked delicious! No sooner did Fred and Wilma put all the food out on the wooly mammoth blanket, than Dino snatched up the Bronto leg and started chomping on it.

"Dino!" cried Fred. "That's not for you. I won that for Wilma!"

But it was too late! It was Dino's now.

"Don't worry, Fred," said Doug. "I brought my favorite picnic food from back home in Midland, Texas. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! I eat them all the time with Tyler, Parker and Jameson. They're delicious and just the right food to help celebrate your Olympic victory.

Fred bit into one and smiled. "You're right, Doug," said Fred. "They are delicious!"

Soon everyone was enjoying the sandwiches. It was a great picnic after all. And Dino finished off the hard-won Bronto leg and settled down for a nice gnaw on the leftover bone.

"Thanks, Doug, for helping us all have such a special day," said Wilma.

"Yeah, thanks," chimed in Fred.

"I had a great time, too," said Doug. "I can't wait to tell everyone back home about the Bedrock Olympics and all the fun you can have in the Stone Age!"

The End 

©Warner Bros.